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How To Remove Majestic Prefab Fireplace Doors

If you own a Majestic fireplace, then you may need to remove or replace your Majestic fireplace doors. Before calling a handyman, why not remove the fireplace doors yourself? The process is super easy, and you should be able to do it by simply using a screwdriver and other tools that you have around the house. Take a look at these simple steps to remove your Majestic fireplace doors. 

1. Make sure the fireplace is clean and not lit

You cannot remove your Majestic fireplace doors while a fire is burning in the firebox. You will also want to ensure the firebox is as clean as possible to ensure you do not make any unnecessary mess during the fireplace door removal process. You can also use safety gloves if the fireplace doors remain warm from a previously lit fire. 

2. Remove the doors while they’re open

Removing your Majestic fireplace doors is a lot easier to do when they are completely open as it makes it easier to access the screw point and tension clips. Having the doors open also ensures they are in the right place when you have to take them off their hinges. 

3. Check for tension clips

Most Majestic prefab fireplace models will have tension clips which secure the fireplace door and the firebox frame in place. The first thing to do when removing your Majestic fireplace door is to find these tension clips for you to release them. Some models have tension clips at the top, bottom, or both.  

4. Release the tension clips

Once you have located the tension clips on your Majestic fireplace doors, release them by adding pressure to the pins inside the holes. You should be able to do this using your hands, but some people find this easier to do using a screwdriver. Use a screwdriver or something similar f the doors have been installed for an extended period.  

5. Slide the doors out of place

The tension clips are there to ensure that the fireplace doors remain in place within the frame. Once you have successfully released the tension clips, you can slide your Majestic fireplace doors out of place easily. 

Doors with a frame

If you have installed your Majestic fireplace doors into your firebox with a frame, removing the frame with the attached fireplace doors can be tempting. You should avoid doing this as it could cause damage to your Majestic fireplace doors. Make sure that you remove the fireplace doors before you remove the frame. 

Additional removals

Some of the older Majestic fireplace door models may have other parts that must be removed. Make sure you remove these safely and properly using the correct tools to avoid damage to them. You should also keep them in a safe place so that they do not go missing.