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Majestic Replacement Doors

We offer replacement glass doors for Majestic Zero Clearance Fireplaces. Our specialized collection includes high quality fireplace doors that are made fit to any model of Majestic fireplaces. Just check your fireplace model number (E36, EC36, BC36R, BC36C, E42, EC42) on the inside sheet metal wall of your firebox, browse through our wide choice of doors and shop the doors that best match your home decor.


Majestic Replacement Glass Doors – Will they fit my fireplace?

In order to buy your replacement doors online, you must check the matching Majestic model number on your fireplace. We recommend you to look for the manufacturer tag notice on the inside of your firebox before you make any purchase.

Should you have any doubts about the choice of your Majestic fireplace doors, just reach out to us and we will make sure that your purchase process runs quickly and smoothly. We will advise about the doors that fit your Majestic fireplace by matching up the dimensions with the specifications for your fireplace model.


Stylish 11/8" thick black brushed anodized aluminum frame, 3/16" tempered clear glass with safety trim and folding doors with rails.

We always offer free shipping on fireplace doors and we process each order individually to make sure that you will get exactly what you want and need.

Rest assured that you will save money on your energy bill this winter and you will not spend extra time on installing your Majestic fireplace doors. The installation of your replacement glass doors is as easy as 1-2-3, follow the instructions in our Installation Guide and snap the doors into your fireplace 5 minutes.

Replacement Majestic Doors by Model Number

On our website you will find high quality Majestic fireplace glass doors for the following model numbers:

  • Majestic HB36A
  • Majestic A36RH
  • Majestic ST36D
  • Majestic EC39
  • Majestic HD42B
  • Majestic DX42
  • Majestic TD36B
  • Majestic HB36AI
  • Majestic A42C
  • Majestic ST42A
  • Majestic EC42
  • Majestic HD42BI
  • Majestic 180H
  • Majestic DX42AI
  • Majestic TD42B
  • Majestic HB42A
  • Majestic A42CH
  • Majestic T3600
  • Majestic EL36
  • Majestic HR36
  • Majestic 180CT
  • Majestic HC36BI
  • Majestic E36
  • Majestic HB42AI
  • Majestic A42R
  • Majestic T4200
  • Majestic EL36I
  • Majestic Icon 100
  • Majestic A36C
  • Majestic 160CT
  • Majestic E39
  • Majestic HC36
  • Majestic A42RH
  • Majestic T4800
  • Majestic EL42
  • Majestic Icon I60
  • Majestic A36CH
  • Majestic E42
  • Majestic HD36B
  • Majestic DX36
  • Majestic T588
  • Majestic EL42I
  • Majestic A36R
  • Majestic Icon I80
  • Majestic EC36
  • Majestic HD36BI
  • Majestic DX36AI
  • Majestic T768