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  • Tom Worsfold


    I have a Majestic MRC42 in a home built in the early 90s. Is that the same as the “MRC42A” that you show on your website?

  • Gary Kibler

    We have a fireplace door setup where we’d like to just replace the doors themselves (not the frame) with ones that do not have the gold trim. Although we can’t find any label or make, we were told that it could be one of yours, a MBUC36 model. Two questions: Is there a way we can confirm this by sending you photos, measurements, etc.? and, 2) is it possible to replace just these doors with ones that don’t have the gold trim and are either black or just plain glass?

  • John Carver

    Our Majestic fireplace is Model MD36L-AO, a two sided fireplace. Are replacement doors, side panel, and frame available for this model?
    Thank you.

  • Peter G Smith

    Looking for replacement doors for BR36. When I click on the links it takes me to a model TR36a and TC36A. It does not list the models under the drop down but they are listed at the bottom of the page. This is where it takes you when you look for BR36.

    Are these the right replacement doors ? Any help would be appreciated

  • Trisha Thompson

    I am looking for fireplace doors. it says to use Majestic GEN II, GEN III, GEK26, GEK38, GEK42. I don’t see them in your line up. Is there another model that I could use?

  • David J Pinkawa

    I have a majestic MRC42A and am looking for replacement doors. I have tried looking at each of your product pages, but can’t find one that lists ‘MRC42A’ specifically, only MRC42.

    Can you please help me find the products you have that are specific to my model?

    Thank you!


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