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  • Steven

    I have a Majestic fire place and want glass doors.
    Note on the side reads: This product will operate safely with majestic glass doors models: GEK28, GEK36, GEK42, GEKII, & GEKIII.
    Please refer me to the 1) cheapest, 2) best seller, 3) middle range

    • Serethiel Freeman

      Hello Steven,
      Our door system is based on the model number of the fireplace itself, not the model number of those old door systems.
      Please send us an email to [email protected] to be fitted with the right set of doors for your fireplace.

  • Stephanee Smith


    I need replacement doors for my MSF36.

    I see that it is a listed model number, however I can’t navigate to replacements with that number.

    Can you please advise which doors I can use to replace the existing brass ones currently on there?

  • Sean Gilley

    Order 1920

    I just placed an order for a glass door for my MD36 model fireplace. I noticed I put the height as 36″ and width as 24″.
    It should be height as 24″ and width as 36″.


  • Steve @ Chim-Cheree Chimney sweeps and service

    I need OEM doors for the model # MBUC36 fireplace. We have been in the fireplace service business 44 years and previously bought from Passaic Metals in NJ. Can you direct me to a supplier for wholesale pricing and orders. Office #732-920-8770, fax # 732-920-5486

  • Heather Timbrook

    We’ve recently moved into a house with a two sided, Majestic, gas fireplace. In trying to order replacement doors, the model is stumping me. On the metal plate, the Model is noted at 36ST; however, I do not see this on your site for replacement. Is this model too old or is there an equivalent model that can be used to order doors/screens?

  • Vance Kyle

    I have a RC36 majestic fireplace approximately 25 years old. I would like to add glass doors. It has a hole in each corner that look like they would accept the door hinge pins. Is there a direct fit door available?

  • Adam Broda

    Hello, I’m looking for a Majestic AF-187765 fireplace. Model #: MBU361/MBUC361; Serial # 160053115.
    Based on the tag I can install one of these model: DA36, SUD36 or HGD-36.

    Can you please send me my options.

    Thank you,

  • Mark Edwards


    Do you have replacement bi-fold doors for Majestic SHR36.
    Each of the 4 glass panels measure 21 x 8-5/8 x 3/16in


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