Shopping Guide: Majestic Fireplace Doors

Majestic Fireplace Doors

So you want to know more about Majestic Fireplace Doors? Well, you’ve come to the right site! This page has all the answers you are looking for, whether it’s about door installation, removal, or replacement or even the parts you’ll need for all those tasks!

Searching the web can be so overwhelming when you’re looking for fireplace doors not even knowing which kind you are looking for. That raises the question, “How do I know which doors I need for my particular fireplace?” While there are a number of different types of Majestic Fireplace Doors, you’ll see below how to pick the perfect one for your own fireplace. 


Installing Majestic Doors

Once Winter arrives, Majestic Fireplace Doors can change the entire atmosphere of your home. People dread the freezing drafts that come into their home but little do they know that the cold air creeps in through the damper. Drafts can be easily be avoided with the installation of some Majestic Fireplace Doors. This process sounds intricate and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a professional to install the doors. It is as easy as hanging a picture frame on the wall! First you attach the frame to the firebox then the doors are placed in the frame. All you will need is an electric drill, some drill bits, and a Phillips screwdriver. Below you’ll find a link that takes you step by step through the fireplace door installation process.

How To Install Fireplace Doors

Installed Fireplace Doors

How to Replace Fireplace Doors

        Just like any other product with glass, Majestic Fireplace Doors are fragile. If your doors’ glass panes crack leaving you wishing you had a different set, you won’t be left with a broken set of fireplace doors. You have options! You can either buy a new set of glass doors or just a new glass panel to replace the broken one. Although ordering a set of new doors is pricey, it guarantees both doors will look the same while relieving you of the tedious work of installing a single glass panel. If you take on the challenge of finding a single glass panel to install, make sure you have the right parts to install it, the correct type of tempered glass, and the knowledge of how to place it in the door. Often times, the hardest part of this option is finding a panel of glass that matches the worn panels already in the doors. In addition, the screws, pins, and clips are specialized to the door so you will likely have to go searching on the web for the specific parts of your doors. This task is doable and cheap but make sure you’re prepared with all the necessary resources!


I need to Remove my Doors, but How?

Some people love their Majestic Fireplace Doors in the winter but once spring comes around they are ready for their fireplace to look all natural and open. Others dread their old, out of style, doors and strive to find a new set that matches the theme of their home. Fireplace doors also need to be removed when the time comes to clean the soot off the doors and firebox. Luckily, there is little stress that comes along with fireplace door removal because there are certain ways to remove specific door types. Although removing metal doors from a fireplace seems tough, there are 3 to 4 easy steps you can follow that will show you how to properly remove your doors safely without any damage to the doors or fireplace. You’ll need some household tools such as an electric drill, screwdriver, or socket/ allen wrench. Click the link below to find the proper steps to remove your Majestic doors.

How to Remove Fireplace Doors


Majestic Door Parts

 Knowing about the installation, replacement, and removal of fireplace doors is only helpful unless you know the anatomy of the door itself. This section of the site is your guide to determining the specific parts of your Majestic doors.

Customizing Your Doors Down to the Handles

Firreplace door handles

If you love to decorate and want to match your doors to your living room, there are ways to embellish your Majestic Fireplace Doors. Handles come in different sizes, materials, and colors. If you have a rustic theme in your home, wooden handles could add to the overall feel of the room. Handles made in different shapes in metal, brass, nickel, pewter, silver, and even stainless steel handles are also open to choose from! These options are provided for not only those who want the overall look of the Majestic doors to be perfect but also for the small number of doors whose handles face damage. There’s a handle that will match every home’s decor.

Fireplace Door Handles


Is a Kit Really Necessary?

As for fireplace door kits, they have everything you need to install your Majestic doors. Most kits come with the doors themselves, the metal frame, and glass panels. Along with specialized brackets and screws to attach the doors to the firebox. They are a huge help when looking for doors because they allow you to order all of the parts at once not separately. You don’t necessarily need to buy a door kit when investing in Majestic Fireplace Doors but it guarantees a product that includes every part necessary for door installation. Without the kit, you could be searching the web for days just to find the proper pins and clips that fit with your new doors.


Which Door Is Right For My Fireplace? 

        This section will go over a number of Majestic Fireplace Doors but there are almost thirty different models of doors so this will only highlight the most popular ones. 

EZ Door for Majestic Fireplaces

  • Custom made for a perfect fit on any pre-fab (zero clearance) fireplace
  • Beautiful bifold doors that open 90 degrees
  • Tempered glass that helps keep your home warm during the winter
  • Affordable price for a quality product
  • Also available in steel with choice of glass color and a stunning black finish

EZ fireplace door


EZ Door Plus for Majestic Fireplaces

  • Original doors that allow a wider view with swing out doors that open to 180 degrees
  • Multiple choices for paint finish on the frame and glass colors
  • Lifetime warranty on glass

EZ door plus

The Merino for Majestic Fireplaces

  • Thin solid steel frame that provides strength and durability
  • You have a choice between bifold or cabinet doors
  • Hidden hinges that allow a wider view
  • Over 20 choices of paint finish

Merino Fireplace doors

 The Crestone for Majestic Fireplaces

  • Durable feel made of 14 gauge steel
  • Barn- like hinges that match traditional and contemporary rooms
  • Almost 30 paint finishes to choose from and 3 glass colors
  • Option of having a mesh spark screen
  • Comes in bifold or cabinet style doors

Crestone Fireplace doors

The Lexington

  • Slim, sleek, rectangular, aluminum frame- perfect for tile, granite, or marble surfaces
  • Over 20 paint finishes and 3 glass colors to choose from
  • Option of having cabinet or bifold doors
  • All-in-one mounting system
  • Positive catch door latches
  • Doors open 180 degrees

Lexington Fireplace doors


The Coronet

  • Unique crown molding frame to highlight the doors
  • Elegant yet durable steel frame
  • Choice of bifold or cabinet doors
  • Over 20 paint finishes to choose from
  • Has an overlap fit
  • Custom slimline hinges that allow the doors to open 180 degrees

Coronet Fireplace doors

The Heritage Z for Majestic Fireplaces

  • Premium doors that will last forever
  • Durable, made of solid steel
  • Trackless bifold doors that open 180 degrees
  • Has two ventilated air sacks
  • Not made for stone fireplaces

Heritage Z fireplace doors