Fireplace Doors or a Fireplace Screen: Which Is better?

When using any fireplace, the number one concern is safety. Everyone wants to enjoy their fireplace with their friends and family and a warm and safe environment for all, including children and pets.

Both fireplace screens and doors serve as a valuable barrier between the fireplace and everything around it. Most screens are made of a mesh material and often are simply flimsy barriers that keep large debris from flying away from the hearth. It also serves as a nice indication that you have gotten too close to the fireplace if you are right next to the screen. A fireplace door has all of these benefits but is much sturdier and solid. However, screens serve a valuable function with wood burning fireplaces, as they prevent debris from flying out while the fire is burning. If you have fireplace doors, the doors must be open while the fire is burning.

Both screens and doors offer great benefits for your fireplace, but the most important thing that fireplace doors do that screens can’t is provide huge energy efficiency improvements. While a screen does not actually block any heat, closing doors after putting out a fireplace can keep all of the generated heat inside the room. The doors close, blocking off the path for any warm air to escape up your chimney and keeping it in the room. Overall, for long term care, safety, and energy efficiency benefits, a glass fireplace door is the best investment you can make for your fireplace.

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